The last part to update. Jack, thanks for your comment to Part 2 're probably right, changed the course of a few days, my relationship with my girlfriend enormously since discovered regularly fuck his two bosses - together. I have my reward in the New Year's Eve. We checked into the hotel to Dan, his boss had with the fat tail, reserved for us. His other chief, Mark and his wife at the hotel were full. Mania brand is the paddle and my girlfriend Tracy told me how much stamina you have, and a body to die. You get the pleasure of fat cock Dan, but it really makes makes semen, despite average intelligence. women Mark ( Karen) was attractive and fairly normal, perhaps, a shy and reserved. When I was introduced to her, I wondered if she knew that her husband regularly fuck my girlfriend for the past 5 zootube years, although most early. I had to do, even the wife of Dan, but they do certainly as soon as hostess at the party were invited. The party was fun. We got there at 08th 30 Clock. I had tried to Teddy Tracy in the room before the quarter- mile or so we went to the home of Dan impressive, but she had me in check to say that she saved for later, but I could have that. I was a little bitter, but as I say, I kept an open mind, how the relationship was developing. Since I had never (to my knowledge ) a cheating gf before until now has been a test to see how I dealt with it and see if I enjoyed it. Who dares, wins nothing. I met Dan 's wife, Fi, shortly after arriving at the party. She was a beautiful lady petite blonde with a good figure. She was a little zootube too busy to talk, but he seemed very eager to talk later. The drinks flowed and the buffet was excellent, but that was not a swinger party so it all away. I did everything possible to mix and Tracy has made me a good job with people who kIs one. In a couple of times I talk to his superiors, but at any given time is approximately October 00 the three were to take one of them stayed together. I knew that was part of the conversation when Tracy saw me a couple of times during the conversation. behind me a voice. It was fiction, Mrs. Dan. "Thick as Thieves sometimes all three. " She was a little drunk, if I had been presented earlier. " What do you mean ? Meaning," I asked innocently. "Oh, come on. You know. This three-year plan. My husband and business partner to have sex with his girlfriend tonight are beautiful. " " Oh, you know. " " And what they have by the sounds . And zootube are you okay with it ? "Well, is new zootube territory for me, but I'm going with it for now. do not care? "I asked. " Well, I 'd rather screw my husband Tracy was in business as a woman he picked randomly in the other "OK hotel, a form is considered," he said. "I know zootube that, you know? "I asked. " I think not. But I am, how this is going to take a night intrigued. "" What do you mean ? That is, "I asked. ", so I usually wait for Karen ( poor girl has no idea ) and I leave the room before her child to her zootube room. tonight are all in the hotel room and I'm here, so do not go to bed early. Maybe I should go without my husband tonight. "" I'll tell you a secret? "I said and leaned over to his conspiratorily. " Please, "he said, laying his hand on my arm. " I am to distract you while they walk together. "" And you? " She asked curiously. When? '. " Shortly after midnight, after the New Year. " "Oh, yes, Karen wants, leave no doubt, but I'm still on. I 'm distracted " by what was left. Midnight came and went and left many of the guests. Karen said it was on the way back to the hotel. 'T. Hink am with Tracy, "said Nice, I thought as I walked together Fi she thought looked good move as well -... just under 5 minutes later and Mark said he had his wife ( or my girlfriend more . ) said Dan, who would come with him to the hotel and buy your friend a cognac at the bar of the hotel, such as a glass of zootube New Year. the move was completed and I was with internet and a handful of guests to the he was and in the next ten minutes or so gradually abandoned the left, just makes zootube me Fi and plenty of cleaning was zootube left. " might as well give you a hand with this," he said, and called the remains of the buffet. " Oh, no. That can wait. "She said, " You think your job is for me an hour or less distracted. I do not want to fail in their duties. attached a couple of drinks and took me to the room - for a chat I'm a little naive. I sat on the couch and she set up her skirt and climbing Pushing his crotch with my semi -hard cock. She kissed me deeply. " What is good " for the goose, he said, unzipping me. A Unlike some of the stories here I can not say that swallowed my cum and insisted that the ass, but I had a beautiful ride with her shag on the sofa while I sucked her nipples nice before finally resulted in the traditional style. When my flaccid penis slipped out of her pussy wet I said, "Come " and then it took me to bed sex. Thirty minutes later I had fallen asleep just as Dan went back to bed. " You do not zootube intend to return," he said sarcastically. " I see," he said. He seemed angry, but I knew I was in no position to complain. They are probably the space available for you or the sofa, but you will find that we must first wash. Or go back to the hotel, he said. After an awkward pause, he said. " I'll be in the guest room " Fi turned to me and smiled his beautiful smile. Well, I woke up today, "he said. " Let's see if I can do the same with you, "he said as he slid my cock into her mouth to take it again. For a moment I thought that Tracy 's room hotel only Dan and I remembered zootube the room of your home. and I saw how beautiful his wife looked at me as she sucked my cock awakening. who is the cuckold now? I thought.
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